DIY Pirate Dog Costume for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, mateys! Did you know that today is Talk like a Pirate Day? Why?Just because it’s fun! Coastal Virginia is rich with pirate history including Blackbeard, the most famous buccaneer of them all! How good are you with pirate lingo? Here are a few words to get started:
• Ahoy! – Hello!
• Avast! – Whoa!
• Arrr! –  Yes or used to show excitement.
You can’t leave your dogs out of the fun! I got in the spirit and made this DIY Pirate Dog Costume for Chuy! He looks like he’s ready to sail the seven seas! I do not know the first thing about sewing, so this costume doesn’t require any sewing skills. All you need is an old scarf, a bandana and some optional pirate booty.
To see exactly how I made this costume, head on over to Irresistible Pets! Arrr!

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