Dating 101

Lessons in love - learned from little ones.

After I taught my children how to walk, talk, and write their ABC’s, I soon found them interested in dating. Sounds insane, right? What 5- or 6-year-old is possibly interested in a “relationship?” Much to my horror, I found lots of them are.

And now that my kids are 11 and (barely) 13, I see that all of them are.

At one point, I fooled myself into thinking I could guide my children in their “relationships.” Instead, this is what they’ve reminded me of during their five-plus years of “dating” so far:

Even if he flirts with you, he won’t always step up to the plate.

I can still picture the little blond boy who sat next to my daughter in first grade—tan skin year-round and a huge smile. He “flirted” by writing on her jeans, and she half-heartedly told him to stop, loving the attention and tangible proof that he had made physical contact. Yet, when Valentine’s Day rolled around, she received the same Valentine card every other girl received from him. Shattered were her dreams of a box of candy and a doilylike Valentine.


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