Chef Patrick's Dish

One of the most enjoyable–and delectable–tasks in my job description is helping with the production of Chef Patrick Evans-Hylton's cooking videos, Chef Patrick's Dish. So, let me give you the dish:

Since we aim to publish a cooking video to coincide with each Hampton Roads Magazine print magazine issue, our team (consisting of Chef Patrick, videographer Jim Pile, and me) typically meet every two to three months to film each installment of videos. 

To impart a warm and inviting mood to our videos, we film in an actual family home–our publisher, Randy Thompson's home, to be specific. Randy and his wife, Laurie, graciously allow us not only to film in their beautiful kitchen, but also to use their high-quality kitchen tools to ensure a beautifully home-cooked meal each time. 

While I handle the schedule for filming, Chef Patrick Evans-Hylton handles the tastier details. Prior to our shoot, Chef Patrick crafts his truly original recipes, being careful to be exact and thorough in his ingredients list and cooking procedures so that our readers and viewers can easily follow them. 

Then, the day of the shoot, Chef Patrick and I will head to the grocery store to obtain the appropriate ingredients for the day's recipes. Afterward, we meet Jim at the Thompson house and begin prepping the materials while Jim readies the video equipment and lighting. 

Typically, we portion off and prep the ingredients according to the recipes so that we can simply begin cooking once Chef Patrick is ready. 

Our shoots typically last five to six hours, depending on the amount of time needed for the recipes (and how much time we spend sampling the dishes). There is little television magic associated with our videos, so we do have to wait for our food to bake, boil, broil, toast, fry, etc. 

Meanwhile, Jim Pile (our master of lighting) works quietly to ensure we have enough b-roll and still images to use for the video and other promotional purposes. 

This past Friday, we filmed three recipes: 

  • Cinnamon-candied bacon oven toasted pound cake with vanilla bean ice cream (September issue)
  • Chesapeake deviled crab (October issue)
  • Pasta al forno Piemonte (November/December issue)

You can expect to see the candied bacon and toasted pound cake sundae video on our web site come September 1, to coincide with our special food feature on bacon in the print magazine!

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