Cheat Sheet: October 5, 2012

Protests for Political Change in Jordan 

Amman, Jordan saw a protest today in regards to King Abdullah II's call for early elections close to the new year. The nonviolent rally called for constitutional reform, with protesters concerned that the king has too much power. Protesters would like to see a democratic system in which everyone has their own voice, instead of everyone being underneath the king. Such open criticism of the king is new for citizens of Jordan. In the past,unrest with the political system was merely grumbled about in private. (Source)

Romney, Obama, and the Truth

America thrives on leadership, charisma, and optimism when it comes to presidential candidates. As it turns out, the truth is not as relevant as some would think. As long as the candidates speak confidently, propose solutions, and stay chipper, citizens of the United States are content and lack skepticism. This simple fact came into play concerning the most recent debate between Romney and Obama. Obama lacked the positivity and charisma he's well known for and showed more realism than was  expected. Romney fared better with America, stretching the truth but showing confidence. Future debates will be interesting to watch on this note. (Source)

Haunted Battleship Tours

After spending the night on battleship *Wisconsin*, a group of ODU Ghost Hunters say the ship, which is docked in Norfolk, is haunted. Nauticus is offering a haunted ghost tour October 18-28, just in time for Halloween. Doors open at 6pm and tickets are $15. (Source)

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