Cheat Sheet: October 31, 2012

Va DMV: Skip '13' through multi-year car renewal

In an effort to cash in on superstitious Virginians, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is encouraging multi-year renewal. By renewing vehicle registration for one year before 2012 is up, the car tags will display the number 13. As an incentive, the department is offering a discount on renewal fees if users renew their tags for two or three years. (Source)

Maisie Kate Miller's passive resistance, pigtail style, tames a bully and shows us how

"Who wears pigtails still? What is this, kindergarten?" belted a schoolmate of 15-year-old Maisie Kate Miller. Though this remark seems trivial, it topped off the list of bullying she was receiving about her body, boyfriend and fashion choices. Instead of fueling the fire and returning the remark with her own dose of nastiness, Miller used social media to make an example of her bullying and to resist passively–by wearing pigtails or telling others about her experience. Her Facebook post received hundreds of responses within hours. The following day, much of the school at Marblehead High donned pigtails with pride. (Source)

Eurozone unemployment hits new record of 11.6 percent as economy slips toward recession

The 17-country eurozone has been struggling with a three-year debt crisis, and the latest figures show no growth in its betterment. Unemployment rate rose to a record 11.6 percent in September. According to Eurostat, the EU's statistics office, 18.49 million people were unemployed in September. Currently Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus are in recession, and the rest of the eurozone is expected to fall under the same category during mid-November. (Source)

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