Cheat Sheet: October 3, 2012

Meningitis Outbreak in Five States

Twenty six people in the United States have been infected with a non-contagious form of Meningitis. Five states have seen serious cases, including Virginia. All of the infected have received steroid injections to the spine. The cause of the outbreak is said to be methylprednisolone acetate, a steroid used to treat pain and inflammation. The FDA is currently investigating the outbreak, and more cases are expected to emerge as the infection can take 28 days to develop. (Source)

Students Killed at Nigerian School

On Monday, twenty five students were killed at a school in Mubi, Nigeria. The attack was suspected to be an inside job as the gunmen went to their victims' houses and called out their names before killing them. The gunmen used guns and knives, violently taking the lives of 19 Federal Polytechnic students, 3 students from the school of Health and Technology, and 3 elder officials. Investigators are currently trying to figure out if the attack was related to upcoming school elections. (Source)

Two Men Arrested for Bank Robbery

Two men have been arrested after a link was found between them and a credit union bank robbery in Chesapeake. The ABNB Federal Credit Union at 1109 Cedar Road was robbed on Tuesday afternoon, according to Leo Kosinski with the Chesapeake Police Department. Taleak Harris and Jaquan Douglas were arrested in connection with the robbery. (Source)


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