Cheat Sheet: October 25, 2012

Obama Wins Early Ohio Vote

According to a Time poll released today, President Obama leads Governor Mitt Romney by 5 points in the state of Ohio. The poll counts residents who say they will vote on Nov. 6 in addition to those who plan to vote early, with Obama having a 49 percent lead to Romney's 44 percent.  Obama's biggest lead is among respondents who have already voted, with 60 percent favoring Obama. (Source)

WikiLeaks Releases U.S. Detainee Files

WikiLeaks is publishing Defense Department documents that reportedly cover detainment policies in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay following 9/11. Julian Assange said that the files show a “dark space” where law and rights don’t apply. The documents also reveal a harsh but “formal” interrogation policy. (Source)

Giants Win First Game of World Series

The San Francisco Giants took Game 1 of the World Series 8-3 on Wednesday, led by Pablo Sandoval’s three home runs. The 26-year-old third baseman became the first Giant to hit a home run in the first inning of a World Series game since 1933. (Source)

East Coast Braces for Hurricane Sandy

Emergency management and utilities teams along the East Coast are bracing for what could be a $1 billion storm as Hurrican Sandy barrels toward the region at 100 mph. The Category 2 storm, which killed two in the Caribbean, is predicted to combine with other rain-heavy weather systems to create what meteorologists are calling "a perfect storm." In Virginia, the storm may make landfall as early as this weekend. (Source)

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