Cheat Sheet: October 16, 2012

1.7 percent increase in Social Security payments

Due to lower inflation rates during the past year an adjustment of 1.7 percent will increase the monthly Social Security payments. A cost-of-living adjustment will also be made to the 8 million people who receive Supplemental Security income. The increase further affects taxes paid by workers and their employees, as the tax threshold will extend from $110,100 to $113,700. During Obama’s presidency, he reduced workers’ payments from 6.2 to 4.2 percent, less than half of the percent tax. Because of the reelection, Obama’s changes are set to expire, and these changes will begin at the start of the new year. (Source)

NB arena approved in Seattle

The SODO neighborhood in Seattle has been approved for the Sacramento Kings NBA arena, a plan that was also possible for Virginia Beach. Council members voted 9-0 on Monday afternoon and planned to sign today. Max Vekich of Save our SoDo Jobs said, “We want to throw a red flag here and ask for instant review,” in response to environmental review that needs to be done prior to starting the building process. Environmental reviews are vital here because the arena location is set to be near the Port of Seattle, a high-traffic area. (Source)

Denied, person threw Molotov Cocktails

A person accused of throwing four Molotov Cocktails into a Beechwood Apartments home was previously turned down by Tonia Lloyd, one of the female tenants. A backpack was left at the scene at the 7800 block of Ogden Avenue and caused surrounding residents to evacuate their homes in case there were more homemade explosives inside. FBI and ATF agents and Norfolk’s bomb squad to inspect its contents and found no threat. Norfolk police had an idea who and where the suspect typically resided and found gasoline-drenched pants at one of the locations. (Source)

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