Cheat Sheet: October 11, 2012

2012 Nobel Peace Prize

Curiosity is rising as the awarding of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize winner in Oslo, Norway looms near. This year's winner will be drawn tomorrow from 231 nominations, with 43 being for organizations and the rest for individuals. The names of the nominees have not yet been revealed, but speculation is running rampant. A few of the possibilities include Maggie Groban, an Eyptian Christian that has devoted her life to helping families in the slums of Cairo; Thein Sein, President and political reformer of Myanmar; and Oscar Elias Biscet Gonzalez, Cuban doctor and human rights advocate. (Source)

Drugs Tested to Prevent Alzheimers

In the first large-scale international attempt to stave off Alzheimers, three different preventative drugs will be tested in one of three studies that will be carried out next year. This study in particular will test 160 people from Australia, Britain, and the United States that have a gene that causes Alzheimers with absolute certainty. By intervening before symptoms are present, researchers are hoping that the drugs prevent the tragic disease from developing. In the first two years of the study, researchers will follow the patients with memory tests and brain scans in an attempt to find which drug is working most successfully. Then all patients will be switched to that drug in the continuation of the study. (Source)

Local Teen Violence on the Rise

On Tuesday night, Malik Lewis was shot and killed in Newport News. He is the third teen murdered locally in the last two weeks. This illustrates the growing trend of deadly teen violence in the Hampton Roads area. Violence has taken the lives of teenagers from every city in the Hampton Roads vicinity this year. Norfolk's Vice Mayor, Anthony Burfoot, suggests targeting specific problem areas and working together to fix them. According to Burfoot, parenting is where the problem starts. (Source)

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