Cheat Sheet: November 2, 2012

Sandy Death Toll Hits 90

Hurricane Sandy’s official death toll reached 90 on Thursday evening. Thirty-eight people were killed in New York City alone. Repair crews and government officials continue to take actions to restore power and basic services to the areas devastated by the storm. (Source)

Fuel Situation in Tristate Area Worsens

The fuel shortage resulting from Hurricane Sandy worsened Thursday, leading to fist fights and a mile-long line up the Garden State Parkway. The owner of a gas station in Montclair told the New York Times that disputes on the line got so heated he was forced to call the police and turn off the pumps for 45 minutes to restore peace. (Source)

Deputy charged in DUI and officer assault

A Portsmouth sheriff’s deputy has been ocharged with driving under the influence and assaulting a police officer after a hit and run accident involving a utility pole early Friday morning. The driver, identified as Stephen M. Fredericks, 31, is empoyed as a sherffi's deputy at the Portsmouth Sheriff's Office. (Source)

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