Cheat Sheet: July 21-22 – Weekend Roundup

AMC Theaters will no longer allow masks or fake weapons in theaters

In reaction to Friday's shooting at a The Dark Knight Rises screening, AMC theaters is reinforcing its security procedures. While their circuit-wide show schedules will not change, the theater will no longer allow any guests into theaters wearing costumes that may make other guests feel uncomfortable. Additionally, they will no longer allow face-covering masks or fake weapons inside AMC buildings. (Source) 

Joe Paterno statue removed from Beaver Stadium 

Former PSU coach Joe Paterno has been damaged irreparably, but the symbolic end of his legacy came Sunday when workers remove the statue of his likeness from outside Beaver Stadium. The decision to remove the statue had been the subject of heated debate since the Freeh Report shed light on Paterno's knowledge of Sandusky's horrific child abuse. (Source)

Norway markers one year since killings

Norway's prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, led the nation in mourning Sunday as the country marked a year snce two attacks left 77 people dead. "It's been a very heavy year for all us," Stoltenberg said at an Oslo ceremony. "Not a day has passed that tragedy has not filled the room." (Source)

Ernie Els takes British Open

In a kind of upset, Ernie Els won the British Open on Sunday. Els came up from five shots behind leader Adam Scott to win the tournament. Despite Scott's lead, Els birdied on the 18th hole, while Scott bogeyed on the last four holes. (Source)

'Dark Knight Rises' makes $160M debut

Despite a decision by Warner Bros. to withhold box-office figures for this weekend out of respect for the victims of the shooting in Aurora, Colo., industry insiders beleive that The Dark Knight Rises made an estimated $160 million in debut ticket sales. While this is approxtimately $40 million less than the pre-release projections for the film, this figure still makes the opening weekend the third higher ever for a Hollywood film. (Source)

DOT awards $3 million in grants for transit improvements in Va.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded $3 million in grants for public transit improvements in Virginia. A $1 million grant awarded to the Tranportation District Commission of Hampton Roads will be used to replace outdated vehicles that support the Traffix service. (Source)

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