Cheat Sheet: July 14-15 – Weekend Roundup

Norfolk Tides and Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia bring home the bacon

The Norfolk Tides ball club broke a world record Friday night, as they built the world's longest BLT sandwich, measuring at 308 feet and 6 inches of bacon, lettuce, tomato and of course, mayo. This measurement bested the previous record of 244 feet and 3 inches in St. Louis last year. The sandwich was constructed out of 206 loaves of French bread, 120 pounds of tomamtoes, 40 pounds of lettuce and 40 bottles of mayonnaise. After the official measurement by the World Records Academy, the sandwich was cut into 720 slices and sold for a $1 a piece. The proceeds went to benefit the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia. (Source)

Beach Family Safety Expo educates families on beach safety and risk prevention

Early this month, Lakee Copeland, 10, of Chesapeake tragically drowned in Virginia Beach because he was unable to return to shallow water from a sandbar on 61t St. According to Tom Bill, president of the Virginia Beach Lifeguards Association, people needing assistance leaving sandbars has been a common problem this summer. Gill spoke Sunday at the Beach Family Safety Expo at the Old Coast Guard Station near 24th Street, whose purpose was to provide families with ways to prevent dangerous situations, and also to educate them on what to do should one arise. Gill also emphasized basic knowledge, such as swimming near lifeguard stations and observing flags. (Source)

Mother sues state over son's death in Va. prison

The mother of a inmate Kawaski Bass, who died after another prisoner attacked him, is suing the state for $3.5 million. The lawsuit claims that prison guards at the Red Onion State Prison disregarded Kawaski Bass' pleas for help. In doing so, it alleges that the state failed to adequately train or supervise employees responsibile for maintaining safety within the unit. (Source)

Joe Paterno given a 5.5. million dollar "parachute" as scandal played out

While Penn State faced one of its worst years, Joe Paterno prepared to face some of his best–financially, at least. Over the course of 2011, as the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia scandal developed and Paterno testified before the grand jury, it seems Paterno and Penn State's president were also discussing a major payout. Eventually, the two reached an agreement that the coach would receive $3 million bonus if he made 2011 his last season, forgive $350,000 in interest-free loans and even provide generous benefits such as use of the luxury box at the foodball stadium. (Source) 

Romney expected to announce VP soon

Sources close to the Romney campaign believe he has decided on a running mate and could make an announcement as early as this week. Much of the speculation is circulating around Tim Pawlenty, as Romney has consistently sought advice of the former two-term Minnesota governor. (Source)

Linsanity moves to Houston?

Sources tell ESPN that the Knicks may be willing to let Jeremy Lin walk, as the team has recently scooped up point guard Raymond Felton from the Portland Trail Blazers. Keeping Lin would require paying him $14.8 million in the third year of the contract, which could push the Knicks past their salary cap and cost them as much as $30 million in salary and luxury for Lin alone. (Source)

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