Cheat Sheet: December 18, 2012

Loaded gun found on Va. Beach school playground

A loaded gun was found on by students at Star of the Sea School on Tuesday morning. According to police spokesman Jimmy Barnes, the semi-automatic pistol was found in dark rubber mulch around the jungle gym in the playground. The school was not placed on lockdown, and students were quickly ushered inside and most were uninformed of what happened. The school did, however, increase patrol presence around the school. The gun is being processed for prints. (Source)

Instagram Can Sell Your Photos

Instagram announced on Monday that it has the right to sell all images without notification or payment. This controversial policy shift further states that unless Instagram users delete their accounts before January 16—the day the policy takes effect—they will not be able to opt out. Instagram will receive profit for any images sold, not the user. This announcement has caused an outcry among Instagram users and is likely to force the site to lose users. (Source)

Broadwell Will Not Face Cyberstalking Charges

The Justice Department announced on Tuesday that Paula Broadwell, General David Petraeus’s mistress, will not face charges for the alleged online stalking of Jill Kelley. The cyberstalking investigation began when Kelley reported threatening emails from an account linked back to Broadwell. In a letter obtained by the AP from Broadwell's lawyer, U.S. Attorney Robert O'Neill confirmed that all charges related to the “alleged acts of cyberstalking,” have been dropped. (Source) 

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