Big On Pig

One of the most awesome appetizers I’ve come across in recent memory is from Harper Bradshaw, the Southern-centric chef/owner of his namesake Harper’s Table in Suffolk. Spying the menu under “Starters” I saw “Pork Belly Biscuits,” and I began salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.

For the uninitiated, pork belly is just that—a cut of meat from the belly of a pig. But what a cut of meat—boneless, with thick ribbons of flavorful fat running through like tasty streams across a meaty landscape.

The compilation is a perfect amalgamation of flavors. Rich, flaky, buttery biscuit. Tender, salty, meaty pork. Sweet, bright strawberry jam. Soon, the biscuits will come with a slathering of red chile butter and slice of cooling cucumber; we can't wait for a return tasting.

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Harper’s Table
122 N. Main St., Suffolk

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