Angela's and My's Review: ChiaVie

The all-natural, vegan, gluten-free energizer gets a review from our critics

We all have those days where we wish we hadn’t eaten quite as much the day before, and we wake up feeling bloated and regretful. ChiaVia is marketed to be an all-natural detoxer and a healthy and delicious way to get back on track. It should be used as a meal replacement, and each bottle contains 2,000 mg of Omega-3 from ground chia seeds, two servings of fruit and no added sugar. Their press release boasts that ChiaVia is a vegan, gluten-free and an overall healthy beverage alternative for health conscious people aiming for healthy balance. (And, according to the bottle, chia once fueled Aztec warriors before they left for war.)

Banapple-Berry ChiaVie

At first glance, the look of the actual drink is unappealing. I would recommend drinking it straight from the bottle rather than pouring it into a glass as I did. The consistency is not as thick as a smoothie but not as refreshing as a juice drink. However, since the drink is meant to replace a full meal, I feel that the thickness was appropriate. The banana was the easiest flavor to detect at first sip, and the chia seeds, which were comparable to the size of a strawberry seed, gave the drink a grainy texture.

I had the ChiaVie drink for lunch and didn’t experience a noticeable energy boost afterward although I didn’t feel at all lethargic. I would recommend this drink to get back on track the next day after a large meal but wouldn’t advise it for a quick energy boost. – Angela

Acerola-Pina ChiaVie

I’d never heard of Acerola before, but the Pina part of this drink caught my eye. I later learned that acerola is a tropical fruit, sometimes called the Barbados or West Indian cherry, and that it originated from the Yucatan. However, what you really need to know is that it paired perfectly with the pineapple. I enjoyed this drink. The consistency was not too thick—in fact, it had a juice-like consistency. Though I know that there are Chia seeds in all of the flavors, I didn’t consciously notice any as I drank mine.

At first glance, the color of the drink resembles that of coffee with milk. If you’re a visual eater, the color may turn you off, but a quick whiff of the drink will draw you back in. It’s fragrant and sweet-smelling, like fresh cut fruit. Over all, the drink was refreshing and not too sweet. In fact, it reminded me of apple juice. Like Angela, I didn’t feel a considerable change in energy following the drink, but it did make me feel “good” about making a healthful choice for my body. While I wouldn’t necessary turn to ChiaVie for an energy-booster, I could see myself substituting it for breakfast. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the bottles are easy to hold, throw into a purse and recyclable! They’re also attractive and appealing in design. – My

ChiaVia products are sold in select retailers including Whole Foods Market and can be purchased on the ChiaVie website. To learn more about ChiaVie, visit

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