A Major Deal – Right Side

Empty promises could lead to a high dollar arena with empty seats and little revenue.

A lot can be learned by comparing conversations. One took place in a minivan loaded with teenage girls. The other took place by those who have been hypnotized by the bright, flashy idea of a professional sports team coming to town. You know, kind of like what happens when a sparkly fishing lure with a shark hook embedded in it gets jiggled in front of a hungry fish.

After we picked up a group of girls after soccer practice (nope, not from the $6.5 million Sportsplex!), they were all a buzz over Virginia Beach school proposals to cut JV sports and transportation for academy school students due to busted budgets. Imagine their increased indignation if a suit jumped in the van and started pitching woo by asking for $350 million to build a sports arena for an NBA team.

In case you missed it, the Virginia Beach City Council is trying mightily to win a deal to land an NBA or NHL team. An 18,000-seat arena would be built using $350 million courtesy of Beach residents and Virginia state funding. Comcast- Spectator has agreed to pay the lease and upkeep for 25 years. In return, they promise millions of dollars in tax revenue, 1,000 jobs and a jewel in the tourism crowd of the beach. The promises were handed out with a satchel of magic beans.

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