7 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

Some people just get the whole working out thing. The wake up at the crack of dawn, no one has to tell them to go for the eggs and not the cereal and when they get into the gym, they just have some kind of sixth sense about what to do. If this isn’t you, fret not—these people are few and far between, and I’m pretty sure they’re superhuman. Let’s come back down to Earth where the rest of us are fighting with our alarm clocks, rushing around trying to make breakfast, getting stuck in traffic and, by the time we actually make it to the gym, totally miserable with no desire to do a workout.

The truth is that most of us need a little help in our workouts. Whether it’s figuring out what we should actually do when we walk in the gym or being motivated to push ourselves once we’re there , it’s helpful to have someone along for the ride. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in an unproductive rut, here are some reasons a personal trainer might be right for you:

1.Personalized plan. No more wandering around the gym like a lost puppy and leaving feeling frustrated that you wasted your time. A good trainer will sit down with you prior to working with you and figure out your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your overall goals, and determine a personal workout regimen for you to follow.

2.Motivation and encouragement. We all need to hear we’re doing a good job sometimes. And other times, we need to be told to push harder and work through the discomfort. Your personal trainer should be there to do both.

3.Accountability. On the days when you just don’t feel like working out, it can be easy to make excuses for not going. After all, it’s not a big deal to cancel on yourself. But having someone at the gym waiting for you makes canceling a much bigger deal (especially when you’re paying for it), so you’re less likely to bail on your workout.

4.Nutrition help. If your trainer has been properly educated, he should have extensive knowledge of nutrition. He should be able to answer your nutrition questions and give you advice about how you can change it for optimal results in your workouts and overall health.

5.Get variety in your workouts. Instead of going to the gym and doing your go-to 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of getting lost in the weight room, working with a personal trainer gives you the opportunity to have try a variety of different exercises without feeling silly because you don’t know how a certain machine works.

6.Prevent injury. In 2009, there were 1,500 emergency room visits because of equipment-related accidents in the gym, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A trainer will help you navigate the gym and demonstrate how to properly use equipment so you don’t get injured.

7.Learn and move on. No trainer-client relationship lasts forever—and it isn’t meant to. Once you’ve reached your goals and you’ve learned how to effectively establish a workout plan and execute it, it’s time to take your fitness into your own hands. 

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