5 ways grains are damaging your body

Alright, here goes the crazy Paleo girl again, and now she’s trash-talking grains. What did bread ever do to you? Well, actually a number of things that are really damaging to the human body. In fact, one could compare the consumption of these havoc-wreaking foods to punching oneself in the face. Don’t believe me? Better keep reading! Let’s start by looking at the history of grains so we can tackle exactly why they are so damaging to our health.

Our bodies are not designed to process grains.

Humans have only been consuming grains since the beginning of agriculture. Before that, grains were not a part of our diet. Which means… ding ding ding, our bodies are not made to process them! In fact, the only animals really meant to eat grains are birds, whose bodies are adapted to eating them. Humans, not so much. We may eventually develop the adaptations needed to properly process them, but for now we have not.

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