5 Things We're Looking Forward To In The November/December 2016 Issue

Ready for the next issue of Coastal Virginia Magazine? Before the magazine hits the stands next month, here's a preview of some stories we're excited to share with you.


1. 2016 Giving Back Awards

In its fifth year of recognizing local nonprofits, Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Giving Back Awards highlight the often-unrecognized organizations of individuals who have come together under one mission—one goal—to change our community for the better. The top five organizations were decided based on their inspiring generosity, their motivated and passionate work ethic and the significant differences they’re making in Coastal Virginia.


2. Be-Bop-a-Lula: The Story of Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps Hit Song

The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Jeff Beck are just a few of the rock ’n’ roll legends sent on their career paths by the unabashedly aggressive sound of Vincent, a Norfolk singer who, in 1956 with his band, defined and personified the loud ethos of early rock ’n’ roll. Their signature “Lula” has been sung by Bruce Springsteen, the Beach Boys, even Elvis himself, covered by everyone from The Everly Brothers to Queen to Suicide, featured in films as varied as Wild at Heart, Pleasantville and Flaming CreaturesThe story behind the tune, recorded by Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, is also a potent piece of Coastal Virginia history.


3. The War Over Women: Gender Equality in the Military

This issue's Left  Side v. Right Side takes a look at women's roles in the military. Should women be able to fight in ground combat or should soldier's roles be classified by their gender? Read two arguments about how gender is being discussed in the armed forces.




4. A Bus Ride to Remember

Twice a year, Honor Flight Historic Triangle Virginia takes veterans who fought in World War II, the Vietnam War and the Korean War on a day-long trip to see the monuments dedicated in their honor in our nation's capital. We rode along on their October trip and heard several stories of service and remembrance, including one man's journey to the shores of Normandy on D-Day. 


5. Quitting Cold Turkey: 3 Recipes to Spice Up Your Holiday Meal

Tired of dining on the same roasted turkey every year? Is there need for a vegan option and you're stumped on what to make? We've got you covered. Coastal Virginia Magazine has hand-picked three recipes to get you and your loved ones excited about sitting around the table this year.