5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon

The stresses of wedding planning are over, and it’s finally time to embark on one of the dreamiest and most memorable vacations you’ll take together. However, just because you're planning for the perfect getaway doesn't mean plans always go the way you intend. Reservations get lost, you may end up needing more money than you thought, or perhaps you overbooked your excursions and come back home feeling exhausted and wishing you had more alone time. Before you book honeymoon travel plans, read these important tips to ensure a relaxing and romantic excursion as husband and wife.

1. Pick a destination you can both agree on

honeymoon destination

Your honeymoon is a time for you and your spouse to share unforgettable experiences in a place where you are both happy and comfortable. Whether you enjoy physical activities outside, sunbathing, shopping, hiking or all of the above, your trip should offer plenty of fun for the both of you. What would your ideal first day be like? Would you prefer the view outside your hotel window to be a beach, mountains or perhaps an open field? What type of food would you like to eat each day? After asking each other questions like these, it will be easier to make your decision on the perfect destination for you.

2. Have travel necessities ready if you are going abroad

passport honeymoon

If you’re traveling out of the country you’ll need to ensure that you have all the proper forms of identification, including a passport. Keep in mind that the process may take longer than expected, so applying for one well in advance is recommended. Learn more about applying for a passport here.

Don’t forget to think about your attire as well! Whether the sun will be shining or the snow falling, the weather may require some clothes you would like to purchase in advance. Make time well before your trip to take care of these tasks.

3. Use a travel agent

Using a travel agent for your honeymoon

Many couples rely on each other to make their honeymoon plans, which can be quite a hassle. Why don’t you leave the countless arrangements for flights, hotels, car rentals and tours to someone who knows best? Not only do travel agents save you a lot of time, but sometimes they can give you some great deals and recommendations and can help manage your spending. Another great perk about hiring a travel agent is that they can notify your hotel and other scheduled destinations that it is your honeymoon with the hope of some perks coming along with your stay!

4. Plan with a budget, but bring along more money than you need

honeymoon budget

Just because you bring extra money does not mean you have to spend it. To ensure you don’t get stuck in a tough situation, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to finances. Not only will you be prepared for the worst, but you will also have extra cash to spend on that dress or souvenir you have been eyeing all week!

5. Schedule fun adventures, but not for every hour of the day

wedding couple hammock

On your honeymoon, you want to have experiences that you know only come once in a lifetime, but don’t get too caught up in the excitement! Planned activities are always fun, but make sure to leave some time available to do absolutely nothing with your new partner. Remember that alone time is essential, so take the opportunity to connect while having zero priorities.

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