5 Questions with Stephen Marsh of LeGrand Kitchen

Named after the 1960s Norfolk record label that kickstarted musicians such as Gary “U.S.” Bonds and Jimmy Soul, LeGrand Kitchen’s chef/owner Stephen Marsh is also making simple, approachable food that makes Coastal Virginians sing.

The diminutive 16-seat casual neighborhood diner focuses on regional and seasonal cuisine from Marsh, who has worked at such notable area restaurants as Blue Pete’s, Vintage Kitchen and Harper’s Table.

Dishes range from the simple—you must try the signature burger—to the sublime, like a recent special of Scallop Crudo with Pungo Red Chiles, Lime and Smoked Peanuts.



Why incorporate local/Virginia foods in your dishes?

We base our menu off what is available locally every week. It keeps my creative juices flowing … getting back to the roots of actually cooking seasonal and not relying on year-round tomatoes or berries. When it’s not available locally it’s not available at LeGrand.

A favorite Virginia beer?

My current favorite is O’Connor’s Pecan Porter. It’s just a very good beer that isn’t as heavy as a standard porter.

If you weren’t a chef, what would you do?

Be a stay-at-home dad for my eight-week-old son, Hoyt Bronson Marsh.

Five things in your fridge?

Duke’s mayonnaise, Vienna-brand neon green relish, sport peppers, hot dogs, breast milk for my newborn son.

A cookbook/food book folks should read?

The Devil in the Kitchen was a very inspiring book by Marco Pierre White. 

Read about some of the magnificent local options at LeGrand Kitchen.

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