5 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Have you ever been in a wedding and received a thank you favor that is still sitting in the original gift bag? When planning your wedding, be sure to thank your bridesmaids with a gift they will surely appreciate. Check out these five bridesmaid gift ideas for your lovely ladies!

Dress Deposit

Oftentimes, the dress is the highest ticketed item for bridesmaids to purchase. As a very generous thank you, put a deposit down on their dress. The amount is up to you, but your bridesmaids will definitely appreciate the thought behind this gift.

Hair, Nails and Makeup

Next in line on the expense list are hair, nails and makeup. Thank your bridesmaids by treating them to a trip to the salon to take care of their hair or nail expenses. If you prefer to leave hair and nails up to the bridesmaids, think about hiring a makeup artist on the day of your wedding to take care of everyone’s makeup.


Being a bridesmaid can get expensive quick! Not only are bridesmaids responsible for paying for their own dress, but they are also responsible for all of the accessories to complete their outfit, including their earrings, bracelet, necklace and shoes. To take some of the costs off your bridesmaids’ shoulders, thank them by paying for their jewelry.

Customized Robe

Who doesn’t love customized items? Buy your bridesmaids customized robes to use on the day of the wedding. Robes are perfect for getting dressed at the venue, plus it is a keepsake your bridesmaids will surely love. Add in a pair of slippers and your gift will be perfect!

Essentials Gift Bag

Lastly, your bridesmaids will love a gift bag filled with the necessities such as a brush, hairspray, bobby pins, clear nail polish, double-sided tape, stain and static remover, sanitary napkins, ibuprofen and, of course, ballet flats for the reception to boogie down!

When planning your wedding think about a gift your bridesmaids will appreciate. Do you have any plans for your bridesmaids? If so, share your ideas on our Facebook page!

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