5 Fabulous Fitness Apps for Meeting Your New Years Goals

The New Year is off and rolling now—gyms are starting to fill up and people are scanning grocery aisles thoroughly in hopes of making healthy selections to reach their fitness goals for the year. But let’s face it: in a few weeks, life is bound to get in the way. Between your 9-5, keeping the house from looking like a tornado came through it, taking the kids to practice and trying to maintain a social life on the weekends, you just don’t have time to be meticulous about your fitness habits. Fear not; there is a solution! If you have a smartphone and a little determination, you have everything you need to keep you on track in 2014. Here are five top fitness apps that are sure to help you with your goals this year. Happy downloading!

1. MyFitnessPal is unmatched as far as tracking your nutrition goes. You can create a login or sign in with Facebook and create a profile that helps the app track your needs. For example, you can add your weight, height and goal weight, and MyFitnessPal will estimate the daily calorie intake you’ll need to achieve that goal. The app has a food diary, exercise diary, nutrition chart and a graph to track your progress. Bonus: this app also has a scanner that will break down the nutritional values of grocery store items, and all you have to do is scan the barcode. How’s that for efficient?

2. For the competitive type, Fitsby is an app that makes going to the gym a wager you don’t want to lose. Challenge your friends to a “gym check-in” match—set a goal for how often you’re going to work out and bet against your friends’ goals. This is a great app for anyone who usually makes up excuses for staying on the couch but would be more motivated if money were at stake.

3. Planning your meals is important when you’re busy and trying to eat healthy, and Cooking Planit is the app that takes care of that for you. You choose the specifics of the meal you want, including dietary restrictions and particular ingredients you want to use, and the app will bring you a selection of chef-tested recipes to choose from. Once you choose which one you want to make, Cooking Planit takes you step-by-step through the whole cooking process. A nice touch to this app is it also has voice control so you don’t have to touch your device while you’re cooking to scroll through the directions.

4. Chances are you don’t have time to analyze every food product you pick up at the grocery store and determine how good it is for you, so that’s why you need Fooducate. This app is programmed with algorithms that “grade” foods based on their nutritional value. With Fooducate on your mobile device, you can simply scan a food by barcode or enter it manually into the app and Fooducate will let you know if it’s an A- or a D+.

5. Never walk into the gym unsure of what to do again. Fitness Buddy offers you over 1,000 exercise options, complete with images and even videos to demonstrate how to do the exercises and what body parts they target. The app also allows you to set goals, create a fitness regimen and track your progress—including weight, body fat and BMI. It’s basically a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. Score!

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