4 Ways to Maintain Your Summer Glow Year-Round

Hampton Roads residents are fortunate enough to have year-round access to the beach, but even so, we’re not all 24-hour bronze goddesses. Without going to extreme or damaging measures, here are some tips and product ideas you can use to preserve and pump up your tan in the coming months.

1. Moisturizers

moisturizing tanners

Aloe gels and lotions aren’t just for sunburn. Many after-sun lotions have an extending formula that helps moisturize and prolong your tan. Jergens offers a specific tan extending product ($8.54 at Target) that works for your natural or sunless tan and prolongs it for up to seven days.

2. Go the professional route.

airbrush tanning

You may pay a little more, but having a professional do the work can save loads of agony from self-tanning mishaps (a.k.a. blotchy streaks and that Cheez Doodle orange glow we all want to avoid). There are plenty of local options for professional spray tanning. Here's a 50/50 deal from Salon Vivace, which has locations in Virginia Beach, Newport News and Williamsburg. Get a $50 gift card for just $25. Their flawless airbrush tans are just $35.

3. Self-Tanners


Before you start shopping for products it’s important to determine your needs. Ask yourself: what shade do you want? What do you expect out of an at-home tanning product? Options include lotions, foams, wipes and sprays. Determining what will work best for you can depend on skin type, lifestyle and time.

Most self-tanners, which are great for longer-term color, offer a gradual change in skin tone over several days. Sally Hansen offers Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup (available at most drugstores for $13.99). Like a foundation for your legs, the spray adds extra color and hides splotches and scars but washes off easily in the shower. Sally Hansen also offers a waterproof formula.

4. Facial Tanners

facial tanners

Facial tanning products vary just as much as products for your body. Aside from basic lotions and serums, Sephora offers a Gradual Self-Tanning Face Water ($16 online and at Sephora stores) that can be easily applied with a cotton pad as part of your daily beauty routine. Bronzers are an easy way to incorporate color into your makeup regimen, and they can be used to highlight or contour certain features. When applying bronzer, focus on areas that receive natural sunlight such as the top of your forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. Trying a bronzer with a light shimmer can add glow and dimension to the top of a tan. As with any facial tanning product be sure to blend the bronzer into your neck and chest area in order to achieve an even color.

4 Tips for applying

Once you’ve assembled your arsenal of tanning tools it’s time to prepare your skin and begin application.

1. Before applying any tanning product, shave and exfoliate. The less you shave after you’ve applied your product, the longer it will last, and smooth skin will allow for a more even administration. Jergens even offers a color priming exfoliator for use in the shower before applying an at-home tanning product (available for $8.54 at Target).

2. The key to a perfect sunless tan is even, streak-free application. Avoid joints like ankles, knees and elbows where tanner can build up and give you a darker shade than you may like. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests diluting the tanner around these areas with lotion or a damp washcloth in order to avoid discoloration.

3. When applying tanner to your face, avoid the area near your eyebrows because it can become easily discolored, but be sure to blend well around your jaw and hairline to avoid a mask-type look.

4. A tanning mitt, like St. Tropez’s Tan Applicator Mitt (available at Ulta and Sephora for $6.50) can help you apply lotion for a streak-free tan and keep products from staining your hands. Make sure to wait several minutes for the product to absorb and dry before getting dressed or applying makeup.

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