20 Reasons Why This Blog is Awesome and You Will Love It

1. It's entertaining.

2. You'll kill some time while you read it.

3. And let's face it; you have time to kill.

4. You're killing time right now.

5. You may get a chuckle while reading.

6. Maybe you’ll laugh so hard you expel something from your nose like on TV.

7. Maybe not.

8. You just might learn something.

9. You’ll have interesting things to say in social groups.

10. You’ll appear to be 63% smarter than you really are.

11. We made that statistic up.

12. You’ll become well liked and popular.

13. Maybe you’ll get a raise at work.

14. Maybe you’ll gain the confidence do ask out that cute guy/girl that you like.

15. Maybe you’ll just Ghent Crush them instead.

16. This is a blog of nothing but lists.

17. And who doesn't love lists?

18. We do.

19. We hope you do, too.

20. That’s really only 19 reasons, but 20 has a nice ring to it.

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