16 Things to Love About Fall

1. Fall beer.


2. Pumpkin freaking everything!





3. When you're watching the weather and hoping it’s going to be chilly enough to wear that awesome new sweater you just bought…and it is.





4. Football season.



5. Apple picking season.





6. Hoodie season.



7. All-time favorite Halloween movies to watch again and again.





8. Jumping in a pile of leaves!





9. All the cool Instagram pictures you're going to take now that the weather is perfect and you'll be outside literally all the time.



10. More realistically, all the good TV shows you're going to watch.





11. Dressing up for Halloween.





12. Better yet, dressing up your cat for Halloween.



13. When the weather feels so amazing it makes you want to dance outside. In a large group. While wearing '80s workout gear.





14. The fact that you get to choose between a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a Salted Caramel Latte. It's a tough choice, but it’s always the right choice.





15. The feeling you get when you realize that Daylight Savings Time has ended and you get an extra hour of sleep.





16. The moment you realize it’s ok that summer is ending…because fall is here to stay. Well, for at least a couple months.



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