12 Ways to Celebrate Shark Week in Coastal Virginia

That time of summer is approaching when you stay glued to the TV for an entire week, the theme song from Jaws runs through your head constantly, and you vow to never step foot in Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront. Ever. Again. Welcome to Shark Week.

This year’s Shark Week (beginning Aug. 10) promises to be the best yet with 13 shows, giving this year’s Shark Week the most premiere hours ever featured in their 27-year history. Viewers can look forward to mind-ripping features including "Shark After Dark," "Zombie Sharks," "Jaws Strikes Back" and "I Escaped Jaws 2," to name a few. Whether you love the shark or loathe the shark, it’s time to celebrate the shark. Here’s how to kick off Shark Week the right way:

1. You don’t have to be a hammerhead to nail this paint job.

Shark week nails

2. This is one Shark Bite that doesn't hurt, at least not until the next morning.

shark bite drink

3. Bake these tasty shark cupcakes.

shark cupcakes

4. Or for a healthier option, make a sharkmelon.

watermelon shark

5. Shark sandwiches are a must.

shark sandwiches

6. As you spend every second of your free time in front of the TV, wear these shark socks to keep your tootsies warm and stylish.

shark socks

7. Ladies, if you feel brave enough to head to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, sport this sharkini.


That’s the tan line you always wanted, right?

8. Don’t worry, guys. We’ve got you covered, too.

shark shorts

9. Even the smallest member of your shiver can participate in the sharktivities.

shark baby

10. Hit up these events happening in Coastal Virginia, like Sharks at the Virginia Living Museum and Shark Shenanigans at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

Sharks at the Mariners Museum and Virginia Aquarium

11. Only the coolest people have shark ice cube trays.

shark ice cube trays

12. To show how dedicated you are, you’re going to want a shark tattoo for sure.

shark tattoo


shark card
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