10 Guest Book Alternatives

A dreaded line forms in front of the podium that holds that little white book and the matching white feather pen sitting next to it. Guests dawdle as they try to think of something witty or deeply sentimental to write, but by the time they get to the front of the line, all they’ve come up with is, “Congratulations!” Meanwhile, the poor person who’s been dedicated to watch over this sacred book just wants to have a cocktail like all the other guests. The happy couple will look at the book once, maybe twice, after the wedding, for a few chuckles and to remember who showed up.

Although there’s nothing wrong with the traditional guest book, this is one area where you can show off some of your creativity and end up with a keepsake that you’ll actually treasure for years to come.

Thumbprint Tree

Start with a blank tree. Perhaps you have an artist who can sketch something up for you, or you can buy something on Etsy. Get a couple ink pads in fun shades and have your guests “leaf” a thumbprint. You’ll end up with a sentimental piece of art that your closest friends and family contributed to.

Image: The Burks Photographers

Polaroid Guest Book

Designate someone to be in charge of taking guests’ photos as they enter the ceremony or the reception, using a Polaroid camera. After the photo has developed, get them to sign the bottom of the photo, and then compile all the photos into a book. It’s way more fun to flip through a book of photos than a book of signatures. Plus, your guests have the added bonus of “shaking it like a Polaroid picture!”

Image: Emmaline Bride

Plastic Spoon Frame

Gather about 100 plastic spoons and glue them onto a blank canvas. Then have your guests sign the middle. Afterward you’ll have a fantastic piece of décor that can hang in your living room as a great wedding memory.

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Image: Country Living

Quilt Guest Book

What could be a niftier way to stay warm than with a homemade quilt covered in your guests’ signatures? Each guest gets their own fabric square to say whatever sweet message they have in mind, and then you can sew the squares together to make the most special quilt you’ve ever owned.

Image: Marry You Me

Origami Guest Book

Cut out plenty of hearts for guests to sign, and afterward, glue half the heart to a framed canvas to give it a 3D effect. Get creative with your heart design, or find this one on Etsy.

Wishing Stone Guest Book

Spend some together time with your sweetie collecting smooth stones from a creek or river. Leave them on a table with a marker for guests to write a wedding wish on each stone. Afterward you can display the stones in a large bowl or put them in special nooks around the house.

Guitar Guest Book

If you or your hubby-to-be is musical, allow guests to sign an instrument that you play, whether it’s a drum, violin or guitar. Afterward, you can display the signed instrument—but you can also still play it!

Image: Bespoke Bride

Jenga Guest Book

Do you and your guy love board games? Have your guests sign Jenga tiles, and you can relive the memories of your special day every game night!

Image: 100 Layer Cake

Bench Guest Book

Did you ever think that your guest book could be something practical? Find a bench (wood or painted) and have guests write messages all over it. Then find a cozy spot in your home for the bench to go.

Image: Ana White Homemaker

Etched Tray Guest Book

If you like to entertain, you’ll love this idea. Supply guests with an etching tool and let them get to work on leaving a note on a pewter tray.

Image: The Knot

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