Anchors Aweigh! - Coastal Virginia Magazine

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the most sweeping brand transition in our history--we will now be known as Coastal Virginia Magazine. The name change and respective magazine redesign (which will be unveiled for the first time in print in the November/December issue) were created in-house to reflect the evolution of Hampton Roads Magazine as the region’s most successful city and lifestyle magazine.

The rebrand to Coastal Virginia Magazine includes a striking new visual identity within the magazine, a refreshed logo to reflect the name change and revised color palette. Additionally, the web site has been updated to, and the weekly e-newsletter will be separated into four different mailing lists to reflect the change: The “It” List, The Coastal Dish, Coming Soon to Coastal Virginia and Keeping Up with Coastal Virginia.


Intellectually, descriptively and geographically, Hampton Roads is a place—an MSA combining nine cities and multiples counties, primarily in southeast Virginia. Coastal Virginia, however, is highly descriptive as a place and as a lifestyle that conjures images of life by the water, tempting seafood and local flavor, coastal communities and destinations, businesses, products, events and more.

As a lifestyle magazine first and foremost, this name change is the only logical choice, and essential for our publication and future growth.


Our embracing of our commonalities across the region hasn’t changed. Our commitment to the region as a whole is the same. The publication’s initial mission statement 13 years ago included a commitment to quality content and superior design that influences, informs, entertains and celebrates life in the region—that mission remains the same with Coastal Virginia Magazine.

Built on a history of value, quality and passion, Coastal Virginia Magazine will continue to represent the region and celebrate its unique charm, customs and ways of living.

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