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Top Lawyers 2017

Military Divorce PC

Matthew Hamel
Map1 Columbus St
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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Whether you are a military servicemember concerned about maximizing your share of your military pension and positioning yourself and your career in the best light possible – or whether you are a military spouse who is concerned about spousal support, child support and how you are going to support yourself going forward, we can help.
I founded this firm after serving on active duty for six years as Navy JAG Attorney and continue as a drilling Navy Reservist to this day. I have also served as a prosecutor, Staff Judge Advocate to two Commands and deployed to Iraq during the surge and served in Detainee Operations.
Every member of our firm has received an LES Statement (Military Leave and Earning Statement) or is married to someone in the military, and all are well versed in the military-specific aspects of a Virginia divorce. We have deployed and spent many months away from our families – and we understand first-hand the stressors that are placed on military families.
We bring a military dedicated perspective and expertise to every divorce case. We also bring a compassion and understanding to what may have caused a breakdown in your marriage.

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Specialty: Adoption, Marital and Family Law
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