If Missed Connections Were Turned Into Greeting Cards

Ah, love. It brings out the very best in all of us, provoking utterly romantic, genuine and heartfelt words to flow from the mind and straight onto the pages of Craigslist’s Missed Connections. In case you live under a pile of rocks, Missed Connections is the place to confess your undying affection to a total stranger that you perhaps checked out at 7-11, drove past on 264 or made eyes across the room at domestic court. Here are our five favorite Missed Connections from this week. Prepare for your heart to sprout wings and rise to the heavens on a pillowy cloud of passion.

do i have somthing on my ass? - m4w (portsmouth farm frsh)

Your a cashier at Farm fresh victory crossing, i do believe brianna, your cute by the way, and you hit me with that question (Post)

beautiful ginger! - m4w - 49 (7-11)

u looked beautiful tonight! I was the man behind you and thought you smelled great too! If you're interested please reply and tell me what you were wearing! love your hair!!!! ciao.


Advice on crossdressing at layne bryants (portsmouth)

I offered you money to help dress me up and you never called me. I have been practicing and getting better at it but would really love to have help and you teach me the things we talked about. I really would like to find you and yes I could barter pay you or provide some cleaning etc . (Post)


sexy police officer july 25 - w4m (juvenile Domestic court room 5)

you were in juvenile Domestic courtroom 5 July 25th I didn't see a ring on your finger and I think you're very very hot..... you came out you looked at me and walk to the side talk to some lady about a case..... are you single do you remember seeing me if so tell me something that I would know like what I had on (Post)

Behind farm fresh park - m4w

Seen u at park today and really wante to come talk to u and as u were leaving we both said hi to each other. Guess I missed my chance. If this is you what car did u drive to park because I seen u leave in it. Hope u care to chat (Post)


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