5 Craigslist Posts We Saw This Week

Any one of us could be the victim. We’re not ready for it. All we wanted was a bike rack. All we wanted was to argue about tolls on the tunnels. All we wanted was to find a job, a puppy, a missed connection. All we wanted was to save some money by buying second-hand from someone in Pungo/Deep Creek/Churchland/Park Place/Buckroe, meticulously weighing the price of gas over how much we really, really, really want that automatic transmission for a ’99 Cavalier. But we didn’t expect this.

Here are some pretty interesting Craigslist posts we came across this week. Some to make you laugh; some to make you cry; some to make you feel either sad that you must be a part of the same species with these people or some confidence that you are not these people. Enjoy.

1. $299 Shared Room (Norfolk Va)

I am offering a shared room ....this room only has one queen bed so one of us can use the floor and one of us can use bed or we can alternate ..how ever works for you ....This is a 2 bed room house and u have full use of house.


2. GUESS WHAT! IT'S A HOOKAH! A HOOKAH I SAY!! - $50 (Newport News)

Alrighty people, guess what I have that I need GONE!
A hookah! It's been smoked out of a couple times and I mean that!
My piece of ---- ex paid 150 for it and it's just been sitting in my house, and you know what? I DON'T SMOKE! I WANT THIS DAMN THING OUT OF MY HOUSE!
You can be a super hipster and take hipster photos of it! You can smoke with your friends and make "intelligent" conversation with it! I DON'T GIVE A ----! I JUST WANT IT GONE!!
Only thing is, you do have to replace the rubber piece near the bowl.
First come first serve people

3. Local jails - call today! (Hampton Roads Area)

Inmates on the Move !!! We will be transporting this weekend. Call to see which locations-- Seats still available. Call 757 813-4627 or 757 525-0358. "You Desire to see your loved ones".


4. Looking for a time travel companion-for real - m4w

Yes you read it correctly. I have been working on time travel and have now a need for a companion to have my back as I go back in time. We all have a place and time that we wish we could change or re-live. I have mine and I am determined to get there. I know that all that read this think I am insane but I tell you that I am sane and that sometimes we have to look to the improbable, the impossible to find something that we have lost and want to recapture. I can't offer much in re-numerations, all I can offer is an opportunity to rekindle past memories and really go back.
In order to find the right candidate I need to hear your reason to travel back. Your story is important and significant so please share what moment defines you. What is so important that you would challenge common reason and take a chance for the impossible? Even if you don't believe that this travel is possible, it is still possible to believe in hope and to honor life experiences. Writing and sharing with me will be the initial step to travel back to that place. I will respond to all candidates with kindness and will honor your reasons.
Offer is for serious applicants only. Not looking for a romance relationship, kooks, hook ups, drugs or negativity.

5. anyone want to go dumpster diving (norfolk)

anyone want to go dumpster diving and see what we can find?
i have been going by myself but would like to have someone with me since people recommend it. send a reply if you would like to do this on a regular basis

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