Main Street

A Piece of Small-Town History In Smithfield

Smithfield Virginia

Cozy shops and amiable eateries alongside a rich colonial history make this an enticing trip down a traditional Main Street for visitors and locals alike.

Wharf Hill Antiques, Inc.
For more than 20 years this shop has provided the very best vintage wares designed locally and internationally as well as luxury products from Emma Bridgewater, Lady Primrose and Low Country. The fragrant and sunlit store is full of designer antiques, from children’s clothing to rustic birdhouses, handcrafted furniture to ink and feather writing utensils, and eclectic gifts for all. 216 Main St., 757-357-9524,

Imagine Art Studios
This gallery takes your breath away with a multifarious collection of originals and reproductions including pieces that highlight the humanism of battle from the Colonial period through today, as well as Escher-esque perspectivism and many bronze, glass and ceramic pieces. 131 Main St., 757-357-0690,

Isle of Wight County Museum
Originally built in 1913 as a branch of the Bank of Smithfield, this elegant building has played host to the museum since an all-volunteer group took it over in 1978. Since then, the museum has continued to preserve and present the historic fortune Isle of Wight County provides, containing prehistoric artifacts, a timeline of the meat-packing industry and a prized possession—a century-old cured ham. 103 Main St., 757-356-1223,

The Smithfield Inn
Boasting that President George Washington laid his head to rest here, the Smithfield Inn has kept an 250-year-plus tradition of Southern hospitality to travelers and merchants from across the globe. The dining, drawing and tavern rooms exude a stately elegance and, when matched with their succulent and regal dishes, make for an enchanting experience any time of the year. 112 Main St. 757-357-1752,

Smithfield Gourmet Bakery and Café
Thomas Jefferson once wrote that coffee is “the favorite drink of the civilized world.” There’s no better way to honor those words than by stopping in to this exceptional little café for a cup of hot or iced java, teas and smoothies paired with a lovely treat for a quick respite along the historic trail. 218 Main St., 757-357-0220,

The Christmas Store 
of Smithfield
Just off the corner of Main and Church streets lies this inviting shop where it’s Christmas every day. Rows of colorful and creative ornaments line the walls while the space is decorated not as a kitschy tinsel shop but a tasteful and cultivated dedication to the spirit of the season. 108 Main St., 757-357-7891,

Walking Tour of Historic Smithfield
A list of Smithfield’s most appealing features would be incomplete without mention of the myriad of historic attractions available along and within walking distance of the city’s main thoroughfare. Buildings designed more than 200 years ago by prominent personalities of the Colonial and Civil War eras have been preserved or restored to their original designs, providing the climate of a budding town in a young nation. 757-357-5182,

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