Courtship In The Country

40 Ways To Create A Romantic And Rustic Celebration

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Instead of a guestbook with one of those little feather pens, line a vintage suitcase with a country cute fabric, and have guests write their well wishes and drop them in the suitcase. You could also use this idea as a place for guests to drop their cards.

Get someone to help you cut a log slice from a fallen tree or stump, and have your guests sign it. Then you can display this special sentiment in your home together.

Have guests type out a message of love on an old typewriter. Just make sure the typewriter still functions, and you may want to have someone attending the station to show younger guests how it works.

Guests can sign their messages on squares of precut fabric, making sure to leave enough space around the edges. After the wedding, you can sew the squares together to make a quilt that you’ll treasure forever.

If you’ve got an artsy friend, have them sketch a picture of a bare tree either on a piece of wood or on paper. Next to the tree, place an inkpad with either green ink or multiple fall colors (red, orange, yellow). Each guest will leave a thumbprint “leaf” on the tree with each person’s print being unique. You can hang or frame this memento as a reminder of your romantically rustic day.


Hors d’oeuvres that are presented on log slices make delightful serving trays.

Go for a sophisticated potluck feel by offering a buffet of foods served in country-minded dishes. 

Comfort foods such as barbecue, fried chicken and ham biscuits will leave guests with a satisfied, down-home feeling.

Have your caterer use local fruits and veggies to create delicious side dishes (bonus if the produce is harvested from the farm in which you’re having your wedding).

Instead of one cake, go for an entire dessert bar complete with fruit pies, pie pops and miniature cakes.