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40 Ways To Create A Romantic And Rustic Celebration

Romantic and Rustic Weddings

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In lieu of extravagant, over-the-top affairs, couples today are opting for the simplistic romance of a rustic chic wedding. There are various ways to incorporate this trend into your special day, and many brides and grooms fi nd that having a natural celebration allows them to make the wedding more personalized and focused on them as a couple. With the right adornments, special details, and a bit of bark and burlap, you can turn your blissful bash into a rural retreat.


The first choice is obvious: a farm that has rolling pastures dotted with buttercups, horses galloping about and a big, red barn. There are plenty of horse farms in Hampton Roads many in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach. Some but not all are available for wedding rentals, so do some research to fi nd the one that best suits your needs.

A backyard. If you’re planning an intimate gathering with a limited guest list, perhaps you have a relative or friend who’s willing to open their land to you. Just remember to consider important details such as restrooms (most plumbing systems aren’t equipped for crowds) and parking.

A winery. Having your wedding at a nearby winery such as Chatham Vineyards on the Eastern Shore or Williamsburg Winery is a popular idea for many brides because of the gorgeous atmosphere (not to mention the neverending supply of wine that is often available to brides and grooms at wholesale prices).

Gardens. Whether you choose the Norfolk Botanical Garden, the Chesapeake Arboretum or the Hermitage Museum & Gardens, there’s something truly romantic about getting married outdoors among towering trees and fragrant blossoms. Forget the decorations and let Mother Nature serve as your one and only backdrop.

A bed and breakfast. One of the key points of achieving a charming country feel to your wedding is making the day intimate and special, which is the main intent of most B&B owners. Having your wedding at a delightful bed and breakfast or inn will assure that the day will be focused on your wedding alone.


Skip the enormously poufy gown, and go simpler with either a shorter-length gown or a dress that’s more fitted. Pick a simple but feminine fabric such as lace, cotton organza or linen.

If you’re planning an outdoor affair, heels could get stuck in the ground. Opt for a pair of cowgirl boots, or choose some elegant flats or wedges.

Even if your bouquet wasn’t just picked from a field of wildfl owers, you can have your florist create this appearance simply by choosing blossoms that are more natural looking (such as lilacs, hydrangeas, sunfl owers and camellias) and adding plenty of greenery. Don’t forget to fasten your arrangement with burlap and adorn with a cluster of buttons or a vintage brooch.

Keep the veil simple by choosing a style such as a birdcage, or make your own headpiece using fresh or silk flowers.

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