Hampton Roads In The House

HRM delves into the principles that guide our elected leaders - and those who wish to unseat them

Congressmen balance the needs of many people

Politicians can seem larger than life. We see their ads on television; we see them deliver carefully prepared speeches to friendly crowds. But what makes them tick? What are the principles and beliefs that guide them as they make very important decisions on our behalf?

This election year, Hampton Roads Magazine caught up with the four members of Congress that represent Hampton Roads, as well as their opponents, and asked them questions of a different nature—ones designed to give some insight into the minds behind their public service.



What is more important? The needs of your constituency in your district or the needs of the nation as a whole? What do you do when these are in conflict?

The needs of our nation and the needs of those that I represent are one and the same. We are all Americans, and if our communities thrive, our country thrives. I am a servant of the people I represent. I was elected to be a voice for the folks of America’s First District. My priority in service is to meet and talk with as many constituents as possible, which is reflected in my travels around the 1st District. As I travel from home in Montross to Washington, D.C., each day, I work hard to ensure that concerns of the folks I represent are heard, through my voice and the votes that I cast on their behalf.

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