Garden Guru

Melissa Butler-Burdick spends her days outdoors at Norfolk's Botanical Beauty

Melissa Butler Burdick is the Curator at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Eileen Dalby

Melissa Butler-Burdick, curator of herbaceous plants at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, earned her bachelor’s degree in landscape design from Auburn University and a master’s degree in public horticulture from the University of Delaware through the Longwood Graduate Program. Butler-Burdick also writes a regular column for Virginia Gardener Magazine and maintains a website at www.thegutsygardener. com. Here, she shares some of her top green thumb tips with HRM.

What do you find most satisfying about your work at Norfolk Botanical Garden?

I find working in a beautiful outdoor setting to be one of the most satisfying things about my job at NBG. I also love the variety of tasks I get to perform and the creativity that’s required. On any given day I might find myself designing annual displays, weeding flower beds, working with volunteers or even painting plastic flamingos blue!