Dare to Dream at Hampton Coliseum

Disney couple James and Vicky Black makes life a fairy tale—on and off the ice.


Think back to the books you read as a child and how you aspired to be like those fictional characters. For boys, maybe the protagonist was a dashing young man who traveled the world and swept a beautiful woman off her feet. For girls, being the princess and marrying Prince Charming is the ultimate fantasy. This dream came true for one couple, and now for them, life is like a fairy tale.

James and Vicky Black are professional ice skaters who portray Prince Charming and Cinderella in Disney on Ice’s production of Dare to Dream, a vibrant, contemporary compilation of princesses featuring popular songs and scenes from three of Disney’s fairytales. Not only do James and Vicky play the role of one of Disney’s most beloved duos—the pair is married in real life.

The couple met in the UK when they were skating on the British National Skating Team. Vicky, who is from Northern Ireland, competed and became the British Junior Champion as well as the Northern Ireland Junior Champion. James, who grew up in England, was a British Junior Champion, a three-time British Senior Silver Medalist and a World Championships competitor. They’ve been skating as Cinderella and Prince Charming for five years and have been married for four. Although the two are excellent skaters on their own, their combined talents make for a truly astounding performance. “The connection and the emotion in our skating is something that came very natural to us,” James said.

“As far as skating together and getting to live that story out on the ice, it’s very special,” Vicky said. “Cinderella is such a timeless story; it’s a classic.” When asked if the story resembles their real lives in any way, Vicky joked, “Well, I really like to clean,” she laughed. “And of course I call him my Prince Charming. It’s every little girl’s dream to be a princess, and I feel very fortunate to skate this role with someone that I love so much.”

Not only are James and Vicky comfortable on the ice together, they’ve become accustomed to spending every single day together while the Dare to Dream tour visits 34 cities including Hampton from September 28–October 3. “We always perform together; we skate together in the show, and we’ve been on the road for six years,” Vicky said. The couple is usually given two days at the beginning of each week to explore the area, and Wednesday–Sunday is dedicated to performing the show. The Blacks expressed that they are looking forward to visiting Hampton Roads and plan to research fun activities in the area.

James and Vicky encourage audiences of all ages to watch Dare to Dream. “People think that because it’s a princess show, you can’t bring your son, but there’s so much for the little boys too,” Vicky said. “There’s something for the adults with the great skating skills; really something for everyone.” James said he feels that audiences can be inspired from the show. “I think that the name really says it all,” he explained. “What you should take from the show is that if you do have a dream, no matter what you want in life, you should go for it because chances are, if you work hard enough, it’s achievable.”

Dare to Dream will be performed at the Hampton Coliseum from September 28–October 2. Show times vary, and prices are $14–$45. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

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