Beer Tasting at Birch Bar: Web Exclusive

Beer Tasting at the Birch Bar in Norfolk

By Carey Von Ohlen

A visit to The Birch Bar in Norfolk presents guests with the choice of 21 beers on tap—a selection that can be overwhelming to the average beer drinker. Before you go, make sure you know what you’re looking for in a beer, and use these tasting and style guides to determine what types of beer you enjoy.

Tasting Beer
A beer tasting usually includes one style of beer (i.e. IPA, Belgian, Stout, etc.) with several examples within that style. Beers are tasted in “spectral” order, lightest to darkest. Get the most out of your Birch experience by having your own tasting and use the information below as your guide.
1.     Aroma. Give the beer a sniff. Does it smell sweet or zesty? Can you smell the alcohol, or does it have a grassy scent?
2.     Appearance. Hold your glass up to the light. What’s the color? Is the beer cloudy or clear?
3.     Flavor. The best part of a tasting is actually trying the beer. Check for subtle flavors you may not normally notice. Can you taste any fruit or hops? Is the beer strong or is it light in flavor? Is it sweet or does it taste boozy?
4.      Mouthfeel. Describe the body of the beer. Is it light, medium or full-bodied? How does the beer go down?
5.     Overall. Based on your own personal preferences, how does this beer rank?

Beer Style Guide
There are two primary types of beer: Ales and Lagers. Within those two categories are several styles of beer. This list is an abbreviated list of those styles, and most can be found at The Birch.

Belgian Ale
Brown Ale
Barley Wine
Stout (Chocolate, Coffee, Oyster, Imperial)
India Pale Ale (IPA)
American Pale Ale
White Beer


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