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Have any lingering questions you forgot to ask your hair stylist during your last appointment? Wondering how to pull off Hollywood's latest makeup trend? Want to improve your health, beauty and style all in one fell swoop? Well look no further. We asked; four local experts answered with the latest and greatest beauty tips on how to make you look and feel your absolute best!

Pamela L. Broughton
Pam's Hair Designers, Portsmouth

HRM: How can people keep their hair looking clean without washing it all the time?

Pam: Applying talc to an oily scalp or rubbing down the scalp with alcohol on a wash rag should work. When you do wash it, just remember not to over-shampoo or condition.

HRM:Does dry shampoo get the job done as well as regular shampoo does?

Pam: Absolutely not, but it's a quick fix for people who are unable to wash their hair. Some dry shampoos give hair a little body, but your best bet is to use regular shampoo.

HRM:How should you choose the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair?

Pam: Find a product for the type of hair that you have. People with fine, limp hair should not use the same products as those with thick, heavy hair, and vice versa. Each product contains different chemicals which serve different purposes.

HRM:Any tips on how to prevent dandruff?

Pam: Dandruff is a combination of oil and dry scalp, so use products that specifically treat the scalp and open the pores in the scalp to help blood and oil flow.

HRM:Are there specific foods or diets that keep hair healthy?

Pam: Maintaining good general health with plenty of fruits and vegetable is essential, and protein itself is good for the hair.

HRM:If you could offer just one hair care tip, what would it be?

Pam: People should always go to a hair dresser who will give them exactly what they want, and not what the hair dresser wants for them. Communication is the big deal.

Sarah Rillon
Retail Manager of a leading Prestige Cosmetics line at Macys, Lynnhaven Mall

HRM:How can women do their own smoky eyes?

Sarah: Smoky eyes are probably the most intimidating type of technique of eye makeup, yet they are probably the easiest to apply. The most basic type of smoky eye is to take a black or dark brown eyeliner lined all around the lashline, then smudge the liner lightly with a brush, creating a more diffused appearance. This technique will create a sexy, yet sultry smoky effect that can be created in less than 5 minutes.

HRM:What do toners do for the skin?

Sarah: The theory behind toners is that they are supposed to not only return the skin to a normal pH, but also to remove the excess dirt and makeup that your cleanser has left behind. However, a really good facial cleanser should in fact, remove all makeup and impurities, leaving nothing but perfectly cleansed skin behind. Nowadays, most cleansers have built in toning agents, making any stand alone toner, in my opinion, a non-essential, extra expense.

HRM: Black vs. brown mascara – which is better?

Sarah: I wouldn't say that either color is better than the other—it's really about preference. If you're looking for a more natural look and much more buildable mascara, then brown is the way to go. If you want a little more of a dramatic look, look toward a black mascara.

HRM: Eyeliner—liquid vs. pencil. Is one better than the other?

Sarah: It's just like most makeup color and products. It all depends on your personal preference; therefore neither one is necessarily better. Liquid creates more of a clean, polished, yet dramatic effect, while pencil creates a much more soft and smudgeable effect. As far as the more versatile product, I would choose the pencil because of the ability to use it as an eye shadow base or in many cases, even as an eye shadow.

HRM: How should women apply foundation? And if they also use concealer, which should be applied first?

Sarah: Foundation should always be applied with a brush or with a sponge and never with your fingers. Even if your hands are freshly washed or sanitized, they will produce oil instantaneously. This oil can easily affect the integrity of your foundation, which in turn can affect the overall application and finish. Apply foundation first, and then concealer since nowadays, foundations have much more coverage and, in most cases, are extremely buildable. Concealer should only be used to neutralize dark under eye circles or cover blemishes and imperfections on the face that have not already been concealed with foundation. The only exception of when concealer should be used first is when it is used in conjunction with powder foundation.

HRM: How can women make their lips look fuller and poutier?

Sarah: Lip liner and lip gloss are always going to create more a fuller, poutier lip. There are several techniques that can be used. Visit your local cosmetics counter and ask the makeup artist to show you how and where to apply your liner and gloss in order to achieve this look for your individual lip shape.

Amanda Snyder
Salon Vivace

HRM: What is the best way to keep your pores clean? Any specific product that does the trick best?

Amanda: The best way is keeping healthy skin overall and maintaining a regular cleansing routine with the use of a cleanser and toner. Clay masks specifically draw sebum or oil out of pores.

HRM: How often should you use facial scrubs? Is there a certain kind that is best?

Amanda: It depends on your skin type. Typically non-abrasive exfoliation is the best. The word "scrub" sometimes lends itself to an abrasive feel, but I think it's better to stay away from that scrubbing feeling.

HRM: When is the best time to get a facial? How often should someone get facials?

Amanda: Healthy skin cells turn over every 28 days, so regular facials should be on a monthly schedule. At a minimum, people should get facials seasonally because the skin changes seasonally. Also, facials depend on what you want to achieve with your skin. Sometimes, a series of daily or weekly facial treatments is necessary for a certain amount of time. It really depends on your skin goals.

HRM: Should people use different skin care products at night than the ones they use during the daytime? Why?

Amanda: Yes. At night the skin regenerates itself, so people want to use products that aid in nourishing and regenerating the skin.

HRM: How is men's skin different from women's skin? Are there products men should use in order to protect their skin?

Amanda: Men's skin tends to be thicker so they need slightly more concentrated products. Men also prefer their skin care routine to be very easy, so usually one or two steps.

HRM: Is there a skin care product people shouldn't use and actually does more damage than good?

Amanda: Any skincare product used improperly could damage the skin. It is important for people to understand their products and how and why they're used. The most overused products are AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) because they really damage the skin if you don't use them carefully. AHAs can be found in cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and other treatments, and people can be bombarded with them if they're not careful. Sometimes people overuse these products to make them younger, but they end up actually thinning the skin and making it more susceptible to outside aggressors.

HRM: If you could offer just one skin care tip, what would it be?

Amanda: Keep your skin well hydrated. That means drinking plenty of water and using the correct products on your skin.



Benita Adams
Style and Image Expert; WVEC TV Personality

HRM: How long does hair and makeup take in the mornings?

Benita: I walk in at 3:30 a.m. and start with my hair, and then I do my makeup. But the whole process takes a while because I do touch ups between takes and overall, it takes me a few hours to achieve the look I want.

HRM: If you're running late, how do you get yourself together?

Benita: I've been practicing putting myself together with a good outfit and good makeup and hair for a long time. I can practically do my makeup in the dark. So if I'm running late, I can still put myself together pretty quickly. Also, having a standby outfit is really helpful. If you know which shoes goes with which outfit, and which belt and accessories to use, you don't have to think through the entire outfit.

HRM: How important is style and appearance to your job, in your opinion?

Benita: It's everything. It's the "vision" part of "television." People, especially in the morning, want to look at someone pleasant. It is very important for me to put myself together well, because not only do I represent myself, I represent my station and my family. I want to look nice all the time.




**To read the entire article, please see a copy of Hampton Roads Magazine's 2011 Beauty Book.**

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