Repurposed Wedding Reception

How to Find Shabby Chic Wedding Accents That Prove Everything Old Is New Again

Wedding decor can come from old items, furniture, and other shabby chic objects

There’s something unmistakably adorable about old items that have been reimagined and crafted into gorgeous, totally new versions of themselves, and brides simply can’t resist the draw of shabby chic wedding decor and accents. French provincial-style vanities, antique farmhouse tables, vintage wooden desks—we can’t seem to get enough of this look.

Here are some suggestions for finding the perfect pieces to accent your big day:

  1. Scour your belongings. That old desk in the attic with the paint that’s chipping? Don’t throw it out! As long as the problems are only aesthetic, your old furniture and knick knacks can be scraped, painted and waxed to look better than brand new. There are plenty of easy-to-follow DIY tutorials you can find on Pinterest with tips and tricks on how to do it.
  1. Go yard sale-ing and Craigslist-ing using Norfolk as the home city, especially in Fall or Spring. People are always getting rid of old furniture due to relocating or upgrading. Dedicate a few Saturday mornings to treasure hunting at local yard sales around The Southside or The Peninsula. Download the app “Yard Sale Treasure Map” to really make your trip efficient. The app creates a map of all the local yard sales going on in your area by accessing Craigslist ads for yard sales.
  1. Poke around at thrift stores and antique shops. The former usually sell things for cheaper prices, but quality is usually not as stellar as items sold at antique shops. There’s always a chance you’ll snag a phenomenal find at one of these places. So do your research on the best shops in your areas, recruit a bridesmaid or close friend to join you and start hunting

Go to a specialized boutique. This is probably the priciest option, but sometimes you just can’t resist an adorable chic boutique full of gorgeous upcycled furniture. The person who reconstructs the pieces is often the shop owner, so don’t hesitate to haggle a little, as long as you’re being fair. It also doesn’t hurt to ask them for tips on your own projects as well.

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