Black Cat Myths and Facts

Think black cats are bad luck? It’s almost Halloween and the black cat is symbolic of this holiday. Black cats are beautiful creatures that deserve as much love and attention as any other pet. Black cats are PAWesome and you’d be lucky to adopt one!

FACT: Black Cats Are Unwanted
Black cats are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors. This is because people associate black cats with bad luck. The scariest thing about black cats is that they have the hardest time finding homes. They’ve been given an unfair reputation and unfortunately there are many people that believe the hype.

MYTH: Black Cats Are Bad Luck
Some believe that black cats are a symbol of bad luck. This is just a myth dating back to the Middle Ages when black cats were associated with witchcraft.  Many cultures actually worship the black cat. Black cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt, and owning black cats was thought to bring good luck. Black cats are also considered lucky in Asia and the U.K.

MYTH: Black Cats Are Evil
All cats are playful and love to jump and climb on things in your house. They can also go into stealth mode and stalk you without you ever knowing it. This is what ALL cats do . . .not just black cats. This doesn’t make them evil . . . it makes them cats!

MYTH: Black Cats Are Sacrificed During Halloween
The experts at the ASPCA agree this is false. However, pranksters and people looking to hurt animals will target any animal, regardless of breed or coat color. That is why it’s recommended that you bring all of your pets inside on Halloween to keep them safe from the crowds and to help them avoid undue stress.

Black Cat Fun Facts!
Here are some reasons you should adopt a black cat!

  • Their fur won't show on your little black dress
  • Carrying a black cat around will make you look slimmer
  • You can tell your friends and family that you adopted a mini-panther
  • Black cats are stylish because they go with everything
  • They need the most help finding loving homes and will be FURever grateful for your love!

Black cats may get a bad rap, but really they're just as lovable as the next furry feline. So help us turn their luck around by sharing this article or by adopting a black cat!

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