TJ Sewer Skirts

Tabitha Sewer launched TJ Sewer clothing brand out of her Williamsburg home. Now she creates high-end skirts and dresses in fun patterns and varying lengths.

Photo by Jim Pile

Stepping into Tabitha Sewer’s workspace is like entering a fashionista’s real-life Pinterest board. Spools of vibrant thread neighbor sketches of future ensembles. Stacks of fashion magazines share space with extraordinary fabrics. On one wall hangs a collection of gorgeous handmade skirts, and adjacent is the Singer sewing machine where every great idea comes to life.

Growing up, Sewer was fortunate to have a mother who attended fashion school and even made Tabitha’s clothes. Her mother attempted to teach Tabitha how to sew when she was a teen, but Tabitha wasn’t interested. “Sewing was for grandmas,” she jokes.

Instead, she made her own path, which led her to serve in the United States Air Force for 10 1/2 years. “People don’t believe that I was in the military because I’m so girly,” she laughs.

When Sewer decided that she was ready to learn, her mother taught her sewing techniques and how to make patterns for clothes.

Last November she launched her own clothing brand, TJ Sewer, that she designs and creates in her Williamsburg home. The collection features skirts in varying colors, textures and lengths, including maxi, midi and knee-length. “I’m extremely inspired by the ’50s and ’60s,” Sewer says of her modest yet vibrant collection.

tabitha sewer skirtsFor each design, she considers the taste of a fictional fashion icon that many women have aspired to imitate: Carrie Bradshaw. “Would she wear this?” Sewer contemplates as she sorts through assorted fabrics and patterns.

“I love bold colors, and I love texture, so I wanted to bring that out,” she describes as she picks up a white skirt dotted with pink pom-poms. Her fondness for vivid colors is apparent in both her Summer Jewels Collection—displaying bright hues like blue diamond, pink topaz and sapphire—and her Urban Gems fall collection—highlighting elegant maxi skirts in brilliant shades of blue opal, amber, jade, ruby and amethyst. Sewer has also ventured out more with her fall collection by including drop-waisted dresses.

Next year, she plans to add tops and pencil skirts, as well as more dresses, but the skirts will still take prominence. “I get the question, ‘Why skirts?’ all the time,” Sewer laughs. “I love how sexy and confident a woman can look in a skirt,” she explains. “I want a woman to feel classy when she’s wearing my brand.”

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