Choosing Food for the Coastal Virginia Magazine Giving Back Gala

File this under: It’s A Tough Job But Someone Has To Do It.

As a food writer I dine out a lot; 491 times in 2014 to be exact. I also judge cooking competitions and evaluate food and menu offerings in other settings too.

So back in August, I earned my pay one more time by sitting down for a private seating with Antwan Bryant, the executive chef and food/beverage director for the Chesapeake Conference Center to review entrée and dessert options for COVA’s upcoming Giving Back Awards Gala.

Seated at a white linen-clothed table, Chef Bryant brought me dish after dish to try, each deliciously prepared and beautifully presented. But in the end there can only be one winner—or can there?

Two entrees stood out: a generously cut and wonderfully grilled New York Strip steak and a perfectly cooked filet of salmon encrusted in pretzels.

So why choose one when you can have both? Guests at the gala will have a plate with the steak and salmon, along with roasted potatoes—crispy on the outside and moist on the inside—and fresh haricot verts.

(There will be an option for vegetarians, too.)

There were several dessert options: a banana rumba cake, carrot cake and coconut cake. All tasted (and looked!) so good, we picked the trio, and each table will have an assortment at the place settings.

The Giving Back Awards Gala takes place Nov. 14 from 6–10 p.m. at the Chesapeake Conference Center and features the Top 50 nominated non-profits.

Purchase tickets here!

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