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Entrepreneur Liz Moore Has Found Much Success In The Hampton Roads Real Estate Game

Liz Moore of Liz Moore & Associates

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Raised in California, Liz Moore studied American history at the University of California, Berkeley, before moving to Williamsburg and becoming a real estate leader in Hampton Roads. Luckily for Liz, a great deal of America’s history happened here, so she took advantage of an exchange program for one semester at William and Mary, and fell in love with Williamsburg (as well as the man she eventually married).

Less than 20 years later, she opened her own real estate agency in Newport News during the most recent boom in the housing market. By the end of the company’s second full year, Liz Moore & Associates was ranked as the #1 office for overall sold volume. Shortly after that, she opened a second office in Williamsburg, then followed up with property management and commercial services. In 2006, Liz was recognized as entrepreneur of the year by the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Hampton Roads Magazine: How did you make the jump from history major to real estate mogul?

Liz Moore: [Laughs] Well, what else are you going to do with a history major? I truly valued my liberal arts education, but I graduated without a clue what I would do for a living. So I was, as I think most 21-year-olds are, starving and looking for a job. I ended up at a career night for a local real estate company, took the job, got my license and never looked back.

HRM: What sets your business apart?

LM: It’s a lot of little things, but mainly, I would say marketing. The initiative that we’re most known for is our “No Surprises” program. We do upfront appraisals and home inspections on our listings before we put them on the market, which makes things a lot easier on both the buyer and the seller because they have all that information before going into negotiations. We also work with a professional stager to help our sellers get their listings ready for the market.

HRM: What else?

LM: We have aggressively invested a lot of energy into our online platform—we manage 17 different niche websites and blogs. Most recently we released our online digital magazines with the latest listings, updated 24/7. It’s a great way for consumers to follow new listings in specialty markets they’re interested in, like waterfront, foreclosures, etc. We also feature online neighborhood guides, to help buyers learn about different neighborhoods before they begin their home search.

HRM: Any advice for people looking to get into real estate?

LM: It’s actually a great time to become a new agent. So many agents got out of the business during the downturn; our ranks are currently lower than they have been in a long time. With the market correcting, there are a lot of opportunities to build a solid business right now, especially for those comfortable with online marketing and social media.

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