Sensational Singles 2012

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Richard Teagle, II (Dicky) 
Age: 46
City: Newport News
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/Owner, Teagle Realty, Inc.
Kids? If yes, how many? No.
Ever been married? Yes.
Length of longest relationship: 14 years.
In the market for? A genuine, meaningful relationship.
Deal breakers? Jealousy and financially reckless women.
In high school, my senior superlative would have been? Most Outgoing and Witty.
What talent do you wish you had? I wish I could play the piano in a cool kind of way, not Liberace style!
If I could give my younger self advice, I would tell him ... take one day at a time (cliché but true).
If I could choose any career (money is no object), it would be ... attorney.
Guilty pleasure? Taking days off from work!
Favorite conversation starter? "So, do you rent or own?"
Favorite season in Hampton Roads and why? Fall, with the exception of being able to take advantage of skiing in the winter.
One thing I look forward to each week is ... sleeping—I work a lot!
Most treasured possession? My family photos and my real estate firm my father started over 50 years ago.
What do you keep in the trunk of your car? Golf clubs and "SOLD" signs.
Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Kevin Federline, escorted by Britney of course!
If I were running for president, my winning campaign slogan would be ... "Teagle’s my name. Real estate’s my game."
You have the option to control where all the tax money goes in Hampton Roads. Where do you send it? At the moment I would choose education.
What’s your signature dish to cook for a date? Sautéed scallops with cherry tomatoes, green onions, Spanish paprika and parsley with a glass of chilled wine.
Best date spot in Hampton Roads? My favorite restaurants: Circa 1918 and Terrapin.

The Broker "I sell real estate. The process begins with a For Sale sign, which always leads to a Sold sign."

Daniel Bowman 
Age: 37
City: Norfolk
Occupation: Mortgage Sales Manager
Kids? If yes, how many? Yes, one (and he’s my hero).
Ever been married? Yes.
Length of longest relationship: 8 years.
Deal breakers? Someone who spends more time on their cell phone than with present company.
In high school, my senior superlative would have been? Most Determined to Get Out of High School.
Hidden talents? Master Googler, MacGyver-like repair skills, and I can juggle.
What talent do you wish you had? The ability to remember the name of every person I ever meet. I am always impressed with people who are great at remembering names.
If I could give my younger self advice, I would tell him ... be patient, don’t over think things, work hard, and always be nice.
If I could choose any career (money is no object), it would be ... scuba instructor in Fiji.
Guilty pleasure? Eating mint chocolate chip ice cream with a fork.
Favorite conversation starter? Notice and comment on the person or situation; make it relevant and personal.
One thing I look forward to each week is ... spending time with my son. He never ceases to amaze me.
Favorite smartphone app? Pandora for sure.
What do you keep in the trunk of your car? A set of golf clubs, two tennis rackets, a beach chair and a folding bike rack.
Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? G.I. Joe. 
If I were running for president, my winning campaign slogan would be ... "Together we make a difference. Divided we remain the same."
The secret to a great relationship is ... truly respecting your partner, finding your best friend and being willing to give.

The Good Catch "I was born in Atlanta and have always been proud of Atlanta. The Braves have not won a world series since 1995, and I’m rooting for them this year to go all the way."

Whitney Prentiss 
Age: 25
City: Virginia Beach 
Occupation: Assistant Director of Admissions, Art Institute of Virginia Beach
Kids? If yes, how many? None.
Ever been married? No.
Length of longest relationship: 2 years.
In the market for? A man that is social, fun loving, easy going, enjoys staying busy and can handle sarcasm.
Deal breakers? People who are judgmental and/or hold grudges. Life is too short to stay angry.
In high school, my senior superlative would have been? Most Outgoing.
Hidden talents? I see a movie once and I can quote it perfectly.
If I could give my younger self advice, I would tell her ... some people are meant to stay in your life forever and some are meant to be just passing by.
Guilty pleasure? Celebrity gossip magazines.
Favorite season in Hampton Roads and why? The summer! It’s the beach at its finest! Tan lines, boats and great events to attend.
Most treasured possession? My chihuahua. Yes, I am Legally Blonde.
What do you keep in the trunk of your car? A beach chair, towel, and some kind of heels.
Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? God’s Gift to Men. I wrapped myself up, put a bow on my head and had a sticker that said "To: Men, From: God."
If I were running for president, my winning campaign slogan would be ... "Vote Prentiss: America Deserves a Princess."
You have the option to control where all the tax money goes in Hampton Roads. Where do you send it? Public transportation and free parking.
What’s your signature dish to cook for a date? I have yet to find my cooking skills, so I only cook for people I don’t like.
The secret to a great relationship is ... my dad has always taught me that a great relationship is built on trust and respect. Without one, you can’t have the other.

The Pump Princess "Shoes are one of my favorite ways to express myself. Whether it is a pair of heels to show confidence or running shoes to show dedication, each pair is a small but distinctive representation of me."

Dana Defilippo 
Age: 27
City: Virginia Beach
Occupation: Director of Community Relations, Norfolk Admirals Hockey
Kids? If yes, how many? None.
Ever been married? No.
Length of longest relationship: 6 years.
In the market for? Lightning to strike.
Deal breakers? Someone who prefers to be inside watching TV all day.
In high school, my senior superlative would have been? Most Athletic or Most Dependable.
Hidden talents? Painting and drawing.
What talent do you wish you had? Be able to do what those crazy gymnasts do in the Olympics.
If I could choose any career (money is no object), it would be ... exactly what I am doing now.
Guilty pleasure? Turner Classic Movies on Demand. I love the old black and white movies.
Favorite season in Hampton Roads and why? Winter. It’s hockey season, plus you can go jogging at the boardwalk and not worry about being trampled.
One thing I look forward to each week is ... the next new person I will get to meet.
Favorite smartphone app? Expedia. I like to travel a lot, and this makes it so much easier.
Most treasured possession? My family. Nothing material really matters that much.
What do you keep in the trunk of your car? Depending on the season, a bathing suit, beach chair and towel or hockey skates and a sweatshirt.
Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Heisman Trophy.
You have the option to control where all the tax money goes in Hampton Roads. Where do you send it? I would love to build a new hockey arena in downtown Norfolk.
What’s your signature dish to cook for a date? Can I just pay for the takeout? Otherwise it may be Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for dinner (which is never a bad thing, might I add).
The secret to a great relationship is ... everyone changes over time, but the best couples can change together.
Best date spot in Hampton Roads? Admirals or Tides game, of course.

The Athlete "My job is a huge part of my life. I love being in a fun and athletic environment."

Oscar Fernandez
Age: 45
City: Norfolk
Occupation: Business Analyst, IT and Healthcare
Kids? If yes, how many? No.
Ever been married? Yes (two years when I was 22).
Length of longest relationship: 5 years.
In the market for? Someone who will electrify my life!
Deal breakers? Pessimism, rudeness and an ’80s haircut.
In high school, my senior superlative would have been? Most Likely to Become an Attorney or a Politician. I am neither.
What talent do you wish you had? Playing guitar. If I could give my younger self advice, I would tell him ... every time you encounter a situation don’t react instinctively. Instead, step back and look at the situation for a moment, and then act.
Guilty pleasure? Cereal with milk, dried cranberries and honey after 10 p.m.
Favorite conversation starter? I would look straight to your eyes and say, "I love your hair."
One thing I look forward to each week is ... accomplishing something. Big or small.
Most treasured possession? A rubber stamp with my name written in Chinese that I got in Singapore. It is more about the memories it evokes rather than the actual arty craft.
What do you keep in the trunk of your car? A beach chair and a change of clothes.
Best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? I was Lenny Kravitz one year.
If I were running for president, my winning campaign slogan would be ... "What are you doing to improve your own personal economy?"
What’s your signature dish to cook for a date? Sautéed scallops with a white wine sauce, topped with a teaspoon of mango chutney, small slices of mango and grilled red peppers.
Best date spot in Hampton Roads? The patio at Terrapin Restaurant in Virginia Beach.

The Team Player "The soccer T-shirt represents one of the top national teams in Quito, Ecuador; I grew up there, and it evokes great memories with family and friends as well as pride in the sport itself. A team is one who works together, plans together and accomplishes things together while building rapport and a winning spirit."