Sensationally Ever After

Former Sensational Single Cory Johnson Gets Happily Hitched

Three years ago, Tiffany Black sat in the chair at her local beauty shop where everyone knew that she was single. A stylist presented her with a copy of Hampton Roads Magazine and turned to the page advertising the Sensational Singles Soiree, saying, “You need to be there tomorrow. You’re already getting your hair done; go get a dress, and go to this.” Tiffany began scanning the magazine and reading the bios of the singles. Her attention became focused on the bio of a Sensational Single named Cory Johnson. Tiffany decided that he was funny—and cute— so she followed the stylist’s advice and attended the soiree. Little did she know that the cute and funny stranger starring back at her in the magazine would one day be her husband.

“I have no idea how I was nominated,” Cory said. When he received an e-mail notifying him that he’d been nominated, he’d never heard of the Sensational Singles, so he ignored it, assuming it was spam. A couple days later, he was having a cup of coffee in a café and noticed a copy of Hampton Roads Magazine that featured Sensational Singles from a previous year.  “Maybe this thing is real,” he thought. He went home, read the e-mail and answered the questionnaire that was sent to him. Two weeks later, he received another e-mail notifying him that he’d been chosen as one of the singles, so he agreed to participate even though to this day, he still doesn’t know who nominated him.

The night of the soiree, Tiffany remembers that Cory was surrounded by ladies. “I had to wait a long time,” she said. When Cory was finally alone and emerged from the top of the stairs, and Tiffany knew that this was her chance. “I was nervous, but I got up, walked up to him and said, ‘Hi, Cory.’” Puzzled, Cory asked her if she worked at the magazine to which she replied, “No, I came here to meet you.”

Cory said that when he first noticed Tiffany walking toward him, his first thought was, “She is beautiful.” The two talked for nearly an hour, which Tiffany says was definitely not uninterrupted. “There were still women coming up while we were talking.” “There were no groups of women around me,” Cory said, laughing.

Tiffany didn’t bid to win a date with Cory that night because as a school principal, she was wary of how the winners would be announced. “All I could picture was, ‘Principal wins a date,’” she said. However, the fact that she didn’t bid didn’t bother Cory. “Well, that’s fine because I’m taking you out,” he said.

After that night, Cory and Tiffany began dating and traveling together, and 13 months later, Cory proposed to her at his father’s birthday party. He stood up in front of everyone and explained how the two had met, saying, “Last year, I was in Hampton Roads Magazine as one of the 20 Sexiest Singles in Hampton Roads,” to which Tiffany corrected  him, “Sensational singles.” The two laughed, and Cory went on with his speech, saying, “Tiffany always says that I don’t introduce her, so tonight I’d like to introduce her as my future wife. “ He got down on one knee to propose, and Tiffany, who wasn’t expecting anything at all, accepted.

The two were married on July 10, 2010 at Tiffany’s church in Newport News with a reception at the Bayside Club on Langley Air Force Base.

Both agree that a key factor for singles looking to find someone is to take a chance. “If I hadn’t taken a chance to answer those questions in the e-mail, I’d probably still be out there single,” Cory said. “I do owe the magazine that.”

“I didn’t think I would find my husband that night,” Tiffany said. “I knew I was single, I knew I wanted to meet Cory, but I had no idea it would end in being married. She advices other singles in Hampton Roads to attend the Sensational Singles Soiree. “You need to go. You just don’t know what the end result will be.”

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