Web Exclusive: Ghosts of Tidewater

Haunting Happenings in Hampton Roads

Review of Ghosts of Virginia’s Tidewater by L.B. Taylor Jr.

By Ashley Applewhite

If you’re looking for a chilling ghost story to get into the Halloween spirit, Ghosts of Virginia’s Tidewater by L.B. Taylor Jr., is a haunting book that recaptures the spirits along the shores of Virginia. Tidewater is the perfect scene to provide its readers with tales of the unexplained and strange. The movie Paranormal Activity doesn’t compare in relation to the mysteriousness of events that have occurred at these real life local settings. The book is comprised of 13 frightening ghost stories that are sure to give you chills and make you look at your surroundings a bit differently.

People living in Virginia refer to Tidewater as all areas of the commonwealth where the water level is affected by the tides. Many experts have concluded that because this area has two large bodies of waters, the area is more prone to mystical events. Research has also shown that out of any other states, Virginia has had the most paranormal activities. If you’re not scared yet, then just wait until you read the book that brings this research to life. With these facts, Taylor provides tales from conventional ghost stories to mysteries that still today cannot be explained.

Ghosts of Virginia’s Tidewater shares multiple ghostly sites in Hampton Roads that you may be enticed to visit—if you’re brave. Next time you drive through Fort Monroe, you may step on the gas a little harder after reading about the multiple sightings of strange apparitions that tend to repeat themselves. This winter when you visit Church Hill in Gloucester, you may be searching for footprints in the snow of young Elizabeth Throckmorton who froze to death outside her house. Taylor leaves no area unvisited as he shares frightening tales of the Eastern Shore, spooky stories about the western area, such as The Sad Spirit of Westover, ghostly occurrences in Colonial Williamsburg and the eerie happenings in Portsmouth, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

With Halloween approaching, this book is a great read to put you in the spooky state of mind, and Taylor has managed the task of locating the spirits of Tidewater, taking readers on as his passengers and revealing a world of mystery to them. Travel the shores of Hampton Roads into ancient history in search of the ghosts that make Tidewater the region of the unexplained.

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