Sensational Singles 2011


Our darling dateables have hit downtown, looking for love and living it up in the meantime.

Photography by Glenn Fajota

Finding the perfect match can be a difficult and seemingly endless process, especially when you’re ready and anxious to discover that special someone. Maybe you’ve tried hitting the local bars with your friends, or perhaps you’ve given online dating a shot but haven’t had any success in meeting the right person. If you’re sick of searching, going on bad dates and discovering that online candidates aren’t always what they seem to be in person, there’s someone who may have the cure.

Miss Mimi, head matchmaker for My Match Doctor, has been in the business of helping people find love for 15 years. She started her career in California working with Patti Stanger, who now hosts and produces Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, but then decided to take her matchmaking in a different direction. While Patti is coupling wealthy singles at Millionaire’s Club, Mimi is going more mainstream, providing services for everyday people. Most of the clients that seek out her services are established in life, may have hectic work schedules or have possibly gone through a divorce, and they’re having a difficult time meeting new people. “As we get older, we have so much responsibility, and we get so caught up in our own life that it’s difficult to make new friends,” Mimi says.

My Match Doctor is a boutique agency that specializes in matching Hampton Roads singles and consists of Mimi and only three other employees. “It’s a process; it’s not just something that you can do overnight, and it’s a lot of responsibilities,” Mimi says. “To become a matchmaker, you have to have a heart and soul, you have to care about people, and you have to be willing to be patient.”

To match clients, the matchmakers begin with age, appearance, commonalities and compatibilities. Next they issue a chemistry test for the likelihood of an instant spark. Unlike a typical online dating site, My Match Doctor employees get to know their clients and thoroughly study their interests before attempting to match them up with another single in Hampton Roads. “There’s not a lot of matchmaking services out there that do what I do,” Mimi says. “I’m very hands-on, one-on-one and very personal with each client.”

Also unlike other dating sites, Mimi screens all of her clients for background checks, job verification, personal references and drug testing. “We do the very best that we can to get to know that the person that I’m working with is truly that person so that my other clients will feel comfortable going out and that they’ll be in a safe environment,” Mimi says. Once a matchmaker believes they have found a match for someone, My Match Doctor sets up a date package for the couple that varies depending on the couples’ interests. Mimi explained that an outdoorsy pair may enjoy rock-climbing or hiking on a first date while foodies would connect over a local wine tasting or an intimate restaurant.

Mimi feels confident that going through a matchmaker to find love is the best option for singles in Hampton Roads, and she is proof that a match can lead to marriage. “I found my husband through matching,” she says. “I definitely know it works.”

If you’re interested in meeting someone compatible or a potential perfect match, visit or call 866-568-3110 to schedule a consultation with a matchmaker.
-Angela Blue