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Health and wellness go together like manis and pedis at Virginia Beach's new Spa on the Boulevard.

Pamper. Luxury. Indulge. All words we expect to greet us—caress us—upon entering a spa. And while we lounge there in our fluffy robes, coated in lotions and potions we can hardly pronounce, Jennifer Wilson, owner of nine-month-old Spa on the Boulevard in Virginia Beach, is raising her voice to educate us on what the spa experience should really be about: health and wellness.

But don't let those words scare you off. Spa on the Boulevard and its staff are extremely warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable, and the facials, massages, and various other services are an out-of-this-world experience. Wilson's point is that we shouldn't look upon these services as something to feel "guilty" about. "Massage is preventative medicine. It keeps you well. That's why on all our brochures and literature, you will never see pampering or luxury—because it's a medical necessity." If THAT'S what the doctor ordered, consider us the perfect patients.

The problem is, of course, that what the doctors are ordering is anything but preventative medicine. Wilson learned this quickly while in school at ODU to get her doctorate. "I was just really disheartened with the medical community where people just wanted drugs. They didn't want to actually get better, they just wanted the disability check." At the time, Wilson had been doing massage therapy to get herself through school, and she realized that there was a huge niche in the medical industry in Hampton Roads that was not being fulfilled: people were going to her for massage not for relaxation or stress relief, but for corrective means.

The idea is simple: instead of treating that headache you have by popping a pill, why not find out what might have caused that headache and get to the root of the problem before Percocet and Demerol are a daily part of breakfast. Unfortunately, our society craves an instantaneous cure, and drowning in medicine is often the result.

Medicine, Wilson reminds us, all started from natural, organic products in their pure form. It was with this in mind that she opened up Spa on the Boulevard, determined to provide her customers with natural, organic and/or vegan products that could pack a punch and put other chemical-infused lines to shame. The skincare line carried at Spa on the Boulevard, and used during all facials, is called Eminence Organic Skincare, which offers up a wide range of products to suite any skin type—and yes, it's so natural you can even eat it! Eminence Organics is unique in that the products contain little to no water, making them 100 percent pure solution. Visit to find out more about this revolutionary preventative skincare line.

Other products offered at the Spa are the Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts line, which works as more of a corrective line (the pumpkin and yam peel is likened to that of a natural chemical peel), and the all-vegan nail line called Spa Ritual, containing no formaldehyde, which is found in most nail polishes on the market and has been linked with carpel tunnel syndrome. They also have a fantastic lineup of soaps made with Utah clay by Soap Creek Company, which all smell delicious and are each packed with unique medicinal properties.

In addition to the various alternative massages, facials, and the usual lineup of mani/pedi options, Spa on the Boulevard is in the process of adding reiki, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and a hypnotherapist. They are also happy to cater to bridal parties and even offices (the Rejuvination ROI package is an amazing way to keep employees happy, healthy and productive), helping to educate and enlighten anyone who thinks the spa experience is really all about that dirty word—pampering.

"This is a place where people can come and not feel guilty because we have made it very apparent that this is preventative so that you CAN keep working. So your body doesn't break down," Wilson earnestly remarks. "People are afraid to feel good. I just don't get it." Come to think of it, we don't get it either! nHRM

Spa on the Boulevard is located at 3101 Virginia Beach Blvd. #108 in Virginia Beach. Call 757-631-5990 or visit them online at for more information.


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